Flickto Cardano(ADA) Based Content Media Launchpad Project ISPO | Stake FLICK Earn Rewards In Web3 Ecosystem

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Flickto ISPO

Flickto, a real-world utility project based on Cardano,addresses the problems of content creators with ADA-centric instruments.

Here’s how Flickto leverages Cardano (ADA) to promote content creators

Decentralized media launchpad Flickto (FLICK) launched an Initial Decentralized exchange Offering (IDO) on leading Cardano-based launchpad, Kick.io. With this token sale, FLICK tokens will be introduced to retail investors and allow Flickto to raise funds for future phases of its development.

Flickto provides the technical basis for crowdfunding for media content promotion. Crypto enthusiasts can support the promotion and distribution of their favorite media products with digital assets.

A low-cost, fast and resource-efficient blockchain is essential for such sophisticated products. Due to its high performance and novel technical design, the Flickto (FLICK) team has chosen Cardano.

Furthermore, Cardano (ADA) has a large and vibrant global community that is essential for real-world decentralized projects. As Flickto’s backbone focus group for progress and FLICK token distribution, ADA holders are vital.

Flickto’s content and staking activities are primarily incentivised by FLICK rewards. FLICK will then be listed on centralized exchanges and Cardano-based decentralized exchanges (DEXs) so that holders can trade it and stake it using third-party mechanisms.

FLICK token dissemination will be an additional catalyst for mass adoption of Flickto solutions within the Web3 ecosystem.

What is FLICK: Tokenomics and future plans

Flickto ISPO
Flickto ISPO

Initial Staking Pool Offering (ISPO) is the main way for the Flickto ecosystem to raise funds for project supporters. Not unlike Cardano’s staking pool for ADA, Flickto’s ISPOs should be considered an instrument for tokenholders to support their favorite products.

Besides FLICK rewards, participants in ISPOs will be able to receive non-fungible tokens as additional bonuses from the projects listed by Flickto. Receiving staking rewards is the only way to obtain FLICK before its official listings on CEXes and DEXes. So far, Flickto’s ISPOs have amassed 1,500,000 ADA in total value locked (TVL).

The aggregated supply of FLICK is 5,000,000,000 tokens. 40% of this supply is allocated to ISPO rewards, 20% are reserved for sales and the initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO), while liquidity and treasury initiatives will be fueled by 15% of the FLICK supply.

The team, its advisors and partners will receive 15% of FLICK, while the remaining 10% will be transferred to marketing and operations needs.

Spreading the word about its mission, Flickto partnered with media veterans Ben Morris and Geraint Harvard Jones.

In 2022, Flickto is going to organize NFT airdrops, a token pre-sale and DEX liquidity incentives, as well as a beta launch of the main product and its associated retail application.

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